Court Marriage

Court Marriage

Marriage is the relation between two adults as per their Religious customs and rituals. India is a country where you will find thousands of different customs for marriages in different areas and communities. In India we have personal law and other marriage laws by which two adults can marry each other. As the per Indian constitution one person after attaining the age of marriage (21 years for males and 18 years for females) is free to choose his or her life partner and can marry him or her out of their own free will and consent. As per law, Marriage between two adults can be performed anywhere in India.

For solemnisation of court marriage both bride and groom must have valid Age proof and address proof, both the parties must be of sound mind and there must be free consent for the proposed marriage.

There are two types of general marriages solemnized in the court.

One of the marriage which is done as per the religious rituals and custom of the both the parties and later on a Marriage deed is signed by both the parties. Marriage certificate will also be issued by the same institution/person. And both the parties will be legally Husband and wife after the solemnization of the marriage. This marriage can also be registered before the Marriage Registrar.

Another one is Marriage Before the Registrar or Marriage under Special Marriage Act. This marriage is solemnized before the Marriage Registrar and Certificate is issued to this effect.

We help willing bride and groom to solemnise either of the two types of court marriage mentioned above in a hassle free manner.