Detur Digniori – Legal Maxim

'detur digniori'

Literal Meaning – Let it be given to more worthy.

Where the Crown’s right and that of a subject meet at one and the same time, that of the Crown is in general preferred, the rule being ‘detur digniori’

“Detur Digniori” is a Latin maxim that translates to “Let it be given to the more worthy.” This legal principle is often applied in situations where there are multiple claimants to a particular asset or right, and a decision needs to be made as to which claimant is entitled to receive it.

Under this principle, the asset or right in question should be given to the person who is deemed to be the more deserving or worthy of it, based on various factors such as their qualifications, experience, merits, character, and other relevant considerations.

The principle of “Detur Digniori” is often invoked in the context of disputes over inheritance, property rights, employment, and other areas where there are competing claims that need to be resolved. It is seen as a way of ensuring that justice is done, and that the most deserving party is awarded the asset or right in question.

Overall, the principle of “Detur Digniori” reflects the idea that rewards and benefits should be given to those who have earned them, rather than being arbitrarily distributed based on factors such as wealth or social status.