Labour and Employment Disputes

Labour and Employment Disputes

When it comes to the word Labour, construction workers, manual heavy labour comes to mind however in Indian law the term labour is not limited to it. It does not only mean the construction worker etc., labour includes a very vast variety of people working for any individual, company, firm or organisation.

Labour and employees have various rights which are protected under various labour laws. Industrial dispute, Gratuity law, Compensation act are some of the major legislation for the protection of the rights of the labour and employees.

The employer cannot hold the salary of the employee without any reason and he cannot illegally terminate the service of the employee. Employee and employer are bound by the process of termination mentioned in the offer letter/ joining letter and in case no offer letter/ joining letter was issued or given there is always a general rule applicable that if any either of party wish to terminate or resign he or she has to give prior notice.

The Gratuity Act is applicable on all firms and companies with more than 10 employees. An employee is eligible under gratuity act if he has worked for the same firm/company for 5 years and more without any break in the said company /firm.

All the disputes in regards to the labour or employee shall be heard by labour commissioner and in the event, the matter is not settled or resolved same shall be referred to Labour court and the claim of the labour/ employee shall be decided on merit.

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