Payment Recovery Cases

Payment Recovery

If your payment is due upon any person, firm, company, contractor or on your friend same is legally recoverable under the civil law.

The Process of recovering the payment is summary process that simply means the if the case is fit for summary trial and your case falls under order XXXVII of CPC and your case is strongly presented and argued on merit, the same can be decided within a few hearings of the case. There is a process that if respondent is duly served the notice as per order XXXVII of CPC and he fail the Make His/her appearance within 10 days of his service then the case may be decided in plaintiff’s favour. And suit may be decreed in plaintiff’s favour.

And Consequently Execution of the Decree would help the Plaintiff in recovering his payment with the help of the court of law. And if debtor does not have money then his assets may be attached and auctioned and payment due may be recovered. If the Debtor does not have any assets which can be attached or auctioned, then such Debtor may be arrested and he has to go under the civil imprisonment.

The lawyers of our firm deals with such cases properly and efficiently.