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Property lawyer in Delhi

Century Law Firm is the top law firm offers the quick legal services and legal advise for the legal challenges regarding the real estate. We have team of well experienced Property Lawyer in Delhi who have in depth knowledge and experience of property law/ real estate law and corresponding acts. We give guidance to our clients for property registration, Ownership of jointly owned properties, regulating the interim property registration, and every other law regarding real estate. For legal assistance for all commercial and residential real estate related laws and regulations, contact us and share your legal issues with our property lawyer Delhi for the best possible solution.

Why You Should Go for a Property Lawyer Delhi

Buying a new property is always a blessing. Most people go for an agent while buying a property. But, you know what? You must look for a property Lawyer Delhi first while purchasing a property. Know how a Property Lawyer at our firm can help you in a smooth buying process.

Experience Matters: Purchasing property seems challenging when you have no expertise in it. Therefore, seal the deal before you talk to an expert. There is no better option than joining hands with a property lawyer in Delhi. Our expert lawyers have seen everything in the market and can provide the perfect guidance and advice during your transaction.

Honesty is the Capital: Do you know what is the capital of our lawyers? Yes, you guessed it right, honesty. We guide our clients with the best advice and look after their benefits all the time. You can ask our Property Lawyer in Delhi as many questions as you want. The most gracious virtue of a lawyer is to be patient with his clients.

Real Estate Agents Cannot Do What Our Lawyer Can: Real estate agents do not have the bandwidth that professional property lawyers have. Bringing a property lawyer during property-related transactions is highly recommended because it will help you not to rely only on the estate agent’s legal advice. 

Documents to Check before Purchasing a Property

If you are buying a property, do not forget to check some legal documents. Not having these documents with you can lead you to a long-term issue. Therefore, you must keep a Property Lawyer Delhi by your side. Have a primary look at the documents you should have when purchasing a property:

  • A sanctioned building plan is the first thing you must ensure. Many buildings have not been authorized. Thus, the habitants face legal issues afterward.
  • A possession certificate is another priority that you must keep in mind. Our property Lawyer Delhi will guide you with these basic documents.
  • The completion certificate, also known as CC, or Occupancy Certificate, also known as OC must be issued by the local authorities on the completion of any project. Most builders try to escape without submitting this piece document. This is where our property Lawyer comes in for your assistance.
  • Before sealing the final deal, know whether all the pending dues are cleared against the house.
  • Keep the encumbrance certificate by your side to prove that the property has no financial or legal liabilities. The certificate can be obtained from the registrar’s office where the property registration was done.

A property Lawyer in Delhi can help you secure all these pieces of documents before signing the final papers for a property.