Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Every client has a right to ask as many questions as he may before booking a service. The assistance of a divorce lawyer in Delhi is no exception. Rather, you should book an appointment just to clarify your doubts. The divorce takes a toll on you. Your lawyer is the only support throughout the process. The process gets more complicated if you can not feel free to contact him or tell him your concerns.

So, ask some basic questions before you stand in front of your spouse to ask for a divorce. Remember, your divorce lawyer in Delhi is the only point of strength for you when it comes to the complicacy of a divorce.

Here is a list of all the necessary questions that you should ask your lawyer before sealing the deal.

  1. How many divorce cases have you handled?

Getting a divorce is stressful. Select a divorce lawyer who can help you preserve your emotional stability. He must be confident and carefully consider all the long-term legal and financial repercussions on your behalf. So, previous experiences would surely be an add-on for him.

  1. How do you consider a collaborative divorce?

As time changes, the form of divorce has been evolving. Parents are coming to collaborative terms for the sake of their children. Two partners seek the best solution to their problems while trying to maintain amicable relationships with one another.

Staying in a collaborative term with your ex-spouse is sometimes worth your mental peace. Your divorce attorney can help you through all thick and thin.

  1. How often do you reach an out-of-court divorce settlement agreement?

 Once your divorce proceeding goes to court, you cannot help stopping the extra expenses. It usually means that your divorce will last longer than usual.

Nowadays, reaching a divorce settlement agreement out of court is preferable. This means you and your ex can arrive at a compromise without the need for prolonged litigation.

Finding a divorce lawyer in Delhi with expertise in solving out-of-court divorces is difficult but not impossible.

  1. Do you know my spouse or my spouse’s attorney?

You will never want a divorce lawyer who will consider your spouse’s interest. Find someone who will serve you without any bias towards your ex.

Ensure that your attorney has no significant connection with the other parties involved.

  1. How well are you in terms of the local family court judges?

Find a divorce lawyer who has ample experience working in a local family court and, specifically, a divorce lawyer in Delhi who has a good feel for how local judges tend to rule. This can be advantageous for your case. For example, if your attorney knows from experience that a particular judge is more stringent in custody rulings, that can impact the way your case is formulated.

  1. Do you generally prefer to mediate and negotiate or go to trial?

Going to trial is usually going to mean prolonged proceedings. Confirm one thing that you and your divorce lawyer are on the same page. Your interests will clash if you want mediation and negotiation, and he wants to take the case to the court. It may be better to find an attorney whose approach aligns best with your wishes.

  1. Can you give me a brief about your experience with handling finance settlements?

Money is bound to come up in virtually any divorce, whether in the form of a business valuation or child support payments. You must ensure your divorce lawyer in Delhi has vast experience handling these matters to get an optimal outcome.

  1. Will you be handling my case personally or passing it off to someone else at your firm?

Make sure that the attorney you choose after all the questions will be serving you throughout the case. At Century Law Firm you get assistance from the attorney you choose.

So, these are the typical eight questions that will guide you to the light. Ensure that you never miss any of these while sealing the deal with a divorce lawyer in Delhi.