Documentation and Registration

Documentation and Registration

Documents are very much needed and must be prepared accurately without any mistake and error. Every clause of the content of the document has its own importance and plays important role when required or challenged before the competent Authority or Court.

Always keep in mind documents are not prepared or executed everyday so they must be prepared and executed efficiently without making any error or mistake therein

One of our department deals with Documents, Deeds and Agreements and their Registrations which include:

1. Lease Hold to Free Hold Conversion

2. Unauthorised colony’s property registration

3. Rent/Lease Agreement

4. Sale/Purchase Agreement

5. All type of affidavits/documents

6. Sale and Gift Deed

7. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

8. General Power of Attorney (GPA)

9. Registration and Cancellation of Documents

10. Mutation and DDA/MCD work etc.

11. Court Marriage and Marriage Registration.

12. Will

We provide information, guidance and tools to help with property registration, transfer and all other related documentation.