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High Court Cases, Best High Court Lawyer

Hon’ble High Courts have inherent power to decide one’s case, writ petition under the Articles 226 and 227 of Indian constitution and the provision of section 482 of Cr. PC. And besides these provisions and sections Hon’ble High Courts also have their own Original Pecuniary Jurisdiction or Appellate Jurisdiction and therefore, you need the Best High Court Lawyer to represent your case effectively. The High Court of a State hears cases relating to criminal law, family law, employment law, property law, and commercial law of that State. It also hears appeals against decisions made by lower courts.

For Bail under section 439 Cr.PC and for anticipatory bail under section 438 Cr.PC are entertained by the Hon’ble High Court when Hon’ble Session Court Decline or Reject the bail application then Hon’ble High can entertain the same application.

Hon’ble High court have Exclusive Power in the State Judiciary to Quash any FIR on merit or on some other ground which Hon’ble Court Deem fit and proper and in the interest of Justice. Civil Writ Petition and Criminal Writ petition are also entertained by Hon’ble High court to give any certain relief by the petitioner. Do Remember any Revision in regards to any interlocutory order passes by Lower court are not maintainable in terms of section 397(2) Cr. PC and it is Hon’ble High court can exercise the power under section 482 Cr. PC and set aside the impugned interlocutory order if Hon’ble court deem it to be fit and proper.

In the Hon’ble High court, courts are hold by single bench and double bench and same are classified as per the case and jurisdiction.

Our Team of efficient High Court Lawyer(s) are cable enough to present the case before the competent bench of Hon’ble High Court to get the requisite relief. Century Law Firm has been appearing regularly before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court and High Courts of other States.