Best Lawyer for Property Dispute Cases

Property disputes are a common occurrence in our society. When it comes to property disputes, there are many ways in which they can be resolved. The most common ways of resolving these disputes is either through partition or succession. A property dispute is a disagreement between two or more parties who own or have an interest in a property.

Partition: The division of property among co-owners. This is often done when one co-owner has died and left no will. The remaining co-owners must divide up the property so that each person has an equal share. When the property is partitioned, the two parties divide the property between themselves and then sell their share of the property for what it is worth.

Succession: when there is no agreement between the two parties on how to resolve the dispute, succession will come into play and a judge will decide who gets what part of your property.

Inheritance: When a person dies without leaving a will or any other legal document that states how to distribute property or money among his or her heirs, then the state decides who gets what based on the laws of intestate succession.

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