Pendente Lite – Legal Maxim

Literal Meaning – During litigation.

During the suit; while litigation continues.

“Pendente lite” is a Latin term that means “while the case is pending”. It is often used in legal contexts to refer to actions or situations that occur during the course of a lawsuit or legal proceeding, before a final decision or judgment has been reached.

During a legal proceeding, there may be certain actions that are restricted or prohibited, in order to avoid prejudicing the outcome of the case. For example, a court may issue a “pendente lite” injunction, which is a temporary order that prohibits a party from taking certain actions while the case is still pending. This is done to prevent irreparable harm or damage that could occur if the party is allowed to continue with their actions until a final judgment is reached.

Another example of the use of “pendente lite” is when a party seeks a modification of a court order while a case is still pending. In this situation, the court may issue a temporary “pendente lite” order that modifies the original order while the case is still ongoing.

Overall, “pendente lite” is an important legal term that highlights the importance of being cautious and mindful of one’s actions while a case is still pending, to avoid any negative consequences that could arise from premature or inappropriate actions.